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The Anaphylaxis Registry aims to collect data on severe allergic reactions.

An anaphylactic shock is the most serious, and possibly fatal, result of an allergic reaction. Until now severe allergic reactions are not reported in a standardized manner.

Within this project we aim to obtain information about triggers, cofactors and treatment of patients who experienced a severe allergic reaction. Such data  will help to improve the knowledge and treatment modalities of affected patients.


Toppings as allergen source


Various food can be used as topping for food.


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1429 completed cases. Last update: 11.10.2017

Male patients 769 54%
Female patients 660 46%
Children and youths 556 39%
Adults 873 61%

completed cases per country:

Brazil 54 4%
Bulgaria 219 15%
Greece 169 12%
Ireland 163 11%
Italy 273 19%
Poland 188 13%
Slovenia 1 0%
Spain 362 25%

Case development